Plant Nursery Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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V. Competitive Analysis

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Direct & Indirect Competitors

The following businesses are located within a 10-mile radius of [Company Name], thus providing either direct or indirect competition for customers:

Garden Gods Nursery

Garden Gods Nursery is a local plant nursery that provides trees and shrubs, perennials, native plants, vines, annuals, houseplants, roses, grasses, hardy ferns, and edibles. Established in 2003 by a husband and wife gardening team, Garden Gods Nursery has become a staple in the local market for anything related to plants. The company is able to assist customers for specific types of plants for deer repellent, fly repellent, natural remedies, and butterfly attracting plants.

Garden Gods Nursery also provides ancillary services such as at home garden consultations and design services, delivery, and container design and potting service. The company regularly updates their inventory with seasonal plants and flowers and will pre-order plant selections for clients.

Flowers R Us

Flowers R Us is a wholesaler plant nursery that provides seasonal plants and shrubs as well as landscaping services. Their garden center regularly stocks and sells perennial and annual plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and accessories. Flowers R Us will also provide delivery and planting service for an additional cost.

Flowers R Us has a landscape group that will design a custom master plan for their clients. The company’s landscape services include custom landscape design/build, retaining walls, patios and walkways, water features, outdoor kitchens and living spaces, fire pits and fireplaces, maintenance and irrigation, outdoor lighting, and horticulture.

In addition to a well-stocked nursery and landscape services, the company also provides custom outdoor lighting.

Harmon House Nursery

Harmon House Nursery is a premier urban garden and retail center of [location]. The company provides plants and flowers with a tropical flair and will only carry seasonal plant products. Their greenhouse is regularly stocked with perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, and vegetables and herbs. Established in 1996, Harmon House Nursery has everything for its customers to stock up on a variety of plants and pottery. The company has designers to help customers choose houseplant aesthetics with the perfect decor and pottery.

Harmon House Nursery provides the following services – garden design, container design, installation, potting services, and delivery.

Competitive Advantage

[Company Name] enjoys several advantages over its competitors. Those advantages include:

  • Inventory: [Company Name] will be able to carry highly sought after plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers that customers are unable to purchase from any other nursery in the area.
  • Price: [Company Name] is able to offer high quality plant products at a competitive price point. They will be in line with other nurseries in the area and will offer a rewards program to keep loyal customers coming back and will offer them a chance to earn discounts on certain products.
  • Known Expertise: Part of the marketing strategy is to showcase the founder’s expertise and knowledge in the industry. As a proven horticulturist and accomplished nurser, he was able to advise customers on the best plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers for their specific garden.
  • Proprietary Technology: [Company Name] will invest heavily on the latest greenhouse technology to help grow its plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs to their fullest potential.
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