Winery Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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II. Company Overview

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Who is [Company Name]?

[Company Name] is a family-owned winery that is devoted to growing, producing and selling the finest quality wines within [Location]. Currently, it grows and bottles red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

Known for its traditional way of crafting wine, [Company name] ensures that there is very minimal intervention in the winemaking process to ensure the authentic flavor of its products. This is made possible with the use of advanced technology and the hard work of the [Company name] family.

With the goal of reaching the larger national market, [Company name] continues to focus on marketing, distribution, brand development, research and development and premium bulk wine contracts.

[Company Name]’s History

In [Year], [Founder’s Name] acquired land and decided to plant a vineyard with the vision to be a leading wine supplier in the [Location] area. He spent years developing his land and to produce the best harvest of grapes to turn into wine. With the help of his three sons and daughter, they were able to perfect the [Company Name]’s wine selections.

Since incorporation, the company has achieved the following milestones:

  • Developed the company’s name, logo and website located at [website]
  • Acquired land and planted grapes
  • Determined building, equipment and fixture requirements
  • Began recruiting key employees

[Company Name]’s Products/Services

[Company Name] will be able to provide its customers with the following kinds of wine:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Rosé Wine
  • Sparkling Wine

[Company Name] also allows its customers to visit the winery for a unique wine tasting and wine making experience.

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