Firewood Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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V. Competitive Analysis

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

Direct & Indirect Competitors

The following establishments are located within 20 miles of [Company Name] and therefore provide indirect or direct competition.

Dean’s Firewood Supply
Dean’s Firewood Supply has been a major supplier of firewood for [location] for decades. The business serves both residential and commercial customers in the local area. Dean’s has a large offering of firewood options including ash, oak, and maple. Customers can order their firewood by the cord or pallet and can get their wood delivered for an additional cost.

Rivertown Lumber Company
Rivertown Lumber Company is the #1 seller of lumber in the area. Whether you need lumber to build a deck or build a small table, Rivertown Lumber has all the lumber you need for your projects. During the summer and fall seasons, Rivertown Lumber also sells a moderate selection of firewood for local residents, making it a minor competitor during this time of year.

Jack’s Campground Supplies
Jack’s Campground Supplies provides everything you could need to enjoy the outdoors. From camping gear to fishing supplies, Jack’s has you covered. Jack’s is a very popular place for residents to buy firewood for their camping adventures or just for their backyard, so it provides some indirect competition.

Competitive Advantage

[Company Name] enjoys several advantages over its competitors. These advantages include:

  • Management: [Founder’s Name] has extensive knowledge and experience in the lumber and firewood industries which will improve invaluable to the business.
  • Affordable pricing: Our pricing model will keep the average American in mind. We aim to sell all of our firewood products for a competitive and moderate price.
  • Relationships: [Founder’s Name] has extensive experience in the local lumber industry and has made connections with local timber companies and vendors. These connections will prove invaluable to gathering our initial inventory and creating an initial client base.
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