Skating Rink Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VIII. Management Team

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Management Team Members

[Company Name] was founded by [Founder’s Name], a former professional hockey player turned entrepreneur who has identified a need for an ice rink in [Location]. [Founder] has fond memories of spending time with his family and friends at the local ice rink in his hometown as a child. Upon retiring from a successful hockey career, he moved to [Location] where he discovered there was no ice rink within a 100-mile radius.

Hiring Plan

[Founder] will serve as the Owner and Manager of [Company Name]. In order to launch, he needs to hire the following personnel:

  • Facility Managers: 2 full-time employees to manage the day-to-day ice skating rink operations and assist [Founder] with managerial duties.
  • Sales Staff: 3 to start – full-time and part-time sales associates to run the skating membership and sessions sales, concession sales, and ice skate sales.
  • Marketing Manager: 1 full-time employee who will be responsible for developing and launching the brand, manage the website, and oversee the social media accounts.
  • Janitorial Staff: 2 employees who will clean the facility once it has closed for the day.
  • Bookkeeper: 1 full-time employee who will manage accounts payable, create statements, and execute other administrative functions.
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