Skating Rink Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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III. Industry Analysis

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The ice skating rink industry in the United States is valued at approximately $501M with over 600 businesses in operation and an estimated 8,000 employees.

The ice skating rink market is segmented by application and type. Type specifies either outdoor or indoor rinks. The application segmentation is broken into bandy skating, ice skating, dancing, and figure skating.

Demand for ice skating rinks is expected to rise over the next several years due to the increasing number of people who participate in ice sports such as hockey, figure skating, and broomball as well as the growing number of people participating in recreational activities in general. Rising levels of disposable income combined with increasing participation in recreational activities is expected to contribute to industry growth over the next several years.

Industry operators can maintain a competitive advantage by providing a unique or a wide variety of products or services compared to competitors, charging reasonable prices, and securing a location that is appealing to customers – accessible, close by, and in a safe area.

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