Retail Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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I. Executive Summary

Business Overview

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[Company Name], located at [insert location here] is a new, furniture retail store focusing on home furnishings and décor. Our products will be primarily from local manufacturers, highlighting the talent and high design sense of area businesses and craftspeople.

Products and Services

[Company Name]will offer home furniture (tables, chairs, desks, couches, shelves, cabinetry, beds, bed stands, ottomans, stools), soft goods (pillows, tablecloths, bed linens, rugs, carpets), lighting (lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall fixtures), and décor (mirrors, frames, wall hangings, other decorative items). The store will feature a rotating display of a specific designer or manufacturer’s work in our front window and front area of our store, along with information about the “story” of that designer. Transactions will be completed by skilled salespeople on the floor of the store, who will offer a high level of customer service and develop ongoing relationships with customers. Delivery of large items will be offered to customers.

Customer Focus

[Company Name] will primarily serve the residents who live within a 10 mile radius of our store. The demographics of these customers are as follows:

  • 27,827 residents
  • 1,750 workers (who do not live the neighborhood)
  • Average income of $54,700
  • 38.9% married
  • 49.6% in Mgt./Professional occupations
  • Median age: 34 years

Management Team

[Company Name]is led by [Founder’s Name] who has been in the home décor business for 20 years. While [Founder] has never run a retail store himself, he was director of operations at a local hardwood furniture manufacturing plant. As such [Founder] has an in-depth knowledge of the furniture business including the operations side (e.g., running day-to-day operations) and the business management side (e.g., staffing, marketing, etc.).

Success Factors

[Company Name] is uniquely qualified to succeed for the following reasons:

  • There is currently no furniture store devoted to local manufacture in the community we are entering. In addition, we have surveyed the local population and received extremely positive feedback saying that they explicitly want to frequent our business when launched, both from customers and from suppliers.
  • Our location is in a high-volume area with little direct traffic, and will thus be highly convenient to significant numbers of passersby each day.
  • The management team has a track record of success in the furniture business.
  • The furniture retail business is a proven business and has succeeded in communities throughout the United States.
  • Market trends,such as the growth in American support for American manufacturers, are countering the high level of imports into the USA.

Financial Highlights

[Company Name] is currently seeking $460,000 to launch.Specifically, these funds will be used as follows:

  • Store design/build: $170,000
  • Working capital: $290,000 to pay for marketing, salaries, and land costs until [Company Name] reaches break-even.

Top line projections over the next three years are as follows:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Revenue$1,080,000 $2,472,768 $2,830,825 $3,240,728 $3,709,986
Total Expenses$962,000 $1,539,107 $1,719,742 $1,901,321 $2,112,641
EBITDA$118,000 $933,661 $1,111,082 $1,339,407 $1,597,344
Depreciation$25,600 $25,600 $25,600 $25,600 $25,600
EBIT$92,400 $908,061 $1,085,482 $1,313,807 $1,571,744
Interest$29,946 $26,202 $22,459 $18,716 $14,973
Pre Tax Income$62,455 $881,858 $1,063,023 $1,295,091 $1,556,772
Income Tax Expense$21,859 $308,650 $372,058 $453,282 $544,870
Net Income$40,595 $573,208 $690,965 $841,809 $1,011,902
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