Medical Aesthetics Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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III. Industry Analysis

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to wdcayour computer here.

The beauty industry will always be in high demand, and the medical aesthetics market is no exception. As technology improves, more people will clamor to try new medical treatments that make them look younger, thinner, and more attractive. Hardships, stress, and genetics work against us, especially as we age. It can be hard to watch one’s body become wrinkled and lose its youthful glow. Therefore, people will continue to spend money on medical aesthetic treatments that can make them look younger with little effort.

According to Global Newswire, the current medical aesthetics market is valued at $61 billion and is expected to grow 9.5% from now until 2030. These statistics show that medical aesthetic services are in great demand, and the market is as strong as ever. Therefore, this is a great time to start a new business in this industry.

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