Courier Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VI. Marketing Plan

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

The [Company Name] Brand

The motto of [Company Brand] exemplifies our strength and our primary goal: “Your delivery on time, all the time.” We care about reaching that 100% goal of courier services that are always on time, guaranteed. If, for any reason, a courier service is delayed, the delivery is refunded to the customer. This platform is supported by an excellent staff who believe the motto and infuse every effort into reaching the goal of our motto.

Our brand message supports the motto, so social media commercials emphasize that, first, we care about our customers and how they feel about their courier services, and, second, that we ensure our customers remain satisfied with whatever service they’ve ordered and/or received. We carefully watch customer reviews and publicly share them with potential customers. If any customer has a negative comment, one of our Customer Specialist staff members will reach out, resolve the issue and encourage the customer to revise the review.

Promotions Strategy

Brand Strategy Campaigns include the following:

Personal Corporate Meetings

In order to reach our customer target market, [Company Name] conducts personal visits to every large corporation (5M+ revenue) within the state to offer courier services and determine specific needs of the company. Personalized visits have a success rate of 43% in securing yearly contracts and will continue due to the volume of courier services purchased by large-contracted customers.

Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising reaches our target market where they most live, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Courier delivery services for [Company Name] are advertised in ways that best meet the audience of each social media platform.

Email Marketing
As potential clients and customers are identified, profile data is entered into the software systems of [Company Name]. Brand messaging is emailed on a regular basis, including special offers or incentives to use our courier delivery services.

Public Relations
[Company Name] includes various forms of public relations to identify and bring our brand to the target market. This includes donations to corporations, supporting their charitable efforts and engaging in other forms of public relations that tighten the relationships between our corporate customers and [Company Name].

The website of [Company Name] is for education of our customers in that we offer secondary products via our website, along with the primary courier delivery services that are our mainstay. Customers can sign up to receive regular emails and/or contact us via social media. All website goals are directed to engaging with customers and educating potential customers with our offerings and services.

Trade Shows and Conference
[Company Name] advertises with a double booth during selected trade shows and conferences, demonstrating the set-up and take-down capabilities of our courier services. Also included in sales efforts are detailed instructions for customers who need to receive guaranteed courier deliveries while attending or working at a trade show or conference.

Direct Mail
From time to time, [Company Name] will advertise courier delivery services to residents and companies in the general regional area of our corporate location and various transportation hubs. This is done during peak courier delivery seasons, such as during holidays or weather-related seasons.

State Corporate Fair
[Company Name] attends this week-long event each year to both introduce our courier services and demonstrate our capability in courier deliveries. Discounts or special service packages may be offered, depending on the event or venue. Potential customers can offer contact information to be notified of any special discounts via website or email.

Corporate Alliances
The corporate alliances of [Company Name] benefit both entities involved. For example, during a special sale at Luxor Jewels, an alliance may be created between the jeweler and [Company Name], offering special courier services to customers who buy during the sale. Luxor Jewels contracts with [Company Name] at a reduced price based upon volume sales.

[Company Name] invests in billboard advertising within certain regional areas of the state. These locations may be in moderate to high-value neighborhoods or in corporate parks where customers may need courier delivery services.

Pricing Strategy

[Company Name] rarely offers discounted courier services to any target market due to the cost of guaranteed, on-time delivery. The higher cost/great value equation allows the company to stand on the pricing strategy that promises guaranteed delivery service. Customers are proven to care more about an on-time delivery than they do the cost of such a delivery.

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