Courier Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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V. Competitive Analysis

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Direct & Indirect Competitors

ExpressU – direct competitors
As a direct competitor, ExpressU, shares some areas of commonality with [Company Name]. ExpressU offers on-time courier delivery services throughout the state and ExpressU considers its target market to be individuals with moderate to high income levels and corporations with a need for courier services. ExpressU is a competitor that is larger than [Company Name], however, revenue and profits are lower than [Company Name], according to external reports. Additionally, ExpressU does not have an on-time history of performance, nor is delivery guaranteed to be on-time. ExpressU offers a discounted service for individuals who order more than 6 courier services per year and offers a discounted service rate for companies who contract yearly with the company. By comparison, [Company Name] does not typically offer discounts to any target market, due to the cost of guaranteed service with on-time delivery included.

Carlson Courier Services – Direct competitor
Carlson Courier Services (CCS) operates within the geographical regions around six major cities within the state; however, courier services are not available outside those regions. Overall, CCS can be considered a direct competitor by the core of their business, which is on-time deliveries to individuals and companies. However, an additional difference between CCS and [Company Name] is that CCS does not offer additional products, nor does the company deliver specialized items or live pets. Customer service is not the point of importance for CCS, as it is for [Company Name], as CCS does not contact customers outside of one email, informing customers a delivery is coming within 2-3 days.

BigSky Deliveries – Indirect competitor
BigSky Deliveries offers service for large, bulky items, such as furniture, computer equipment and other heavy items. Delivery is via freight; services are not via courier and they are not guaranteed. However, the company is in a stable growth position due to excellent customer service and should be viewed as a model for future growth potential or as a possible future threat.

Competitive Advantage

[Company Name] holds several advantages over direct and indirect competitors, as follows:

  • [Company Name] is the only company that offers a “guarantee” of on-time courier delivery service and refunds a customer if, for any reason, delivery is not made on time.
  • [Company Name] is the only company that owns proprietary software to assist couriers in on-time deliveries.
  • [Company Name] is the only company that offers courier delivery service for small pets, including dogs, cats, birds and other household pets.
  • [Company Name] is the only company that offers courier delivery service with secondary gift or package items included in the delivery.
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