Courier Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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II. Company Overview

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Who is [Company Name]?

[Company Name] was formed two years ago to provide solutions for an unmet need, that of guaranteed, on-time courier delivery services. The courier delivery industry, while promising to meet certain delivery timelines, has not historically provided a successful model to match results with industry claims.

As such, [Founder Name], who was a courier at that time, began to visualize solutions that could be applied to the unsatisfactory model used by his employer and other large courier delivery services.

During the process of considering forming [Company Name], [Founder Name] met [Founder Name], a business law attorney, who became a minority shareholder in the company. Together they formed [Company Name] as a C corporation with a Subchapter S classification. Family members of both founders form the Board of Directors and are minority shareholders, as well.

The initial concept to fulfill customer needs with guaranteed, on-time courier deliveries was one that needed support with solid, grounded software to indicate real-time tracking and environmental issues that could possibly impact couriers in the course of their deliveries. [Founder Name], took his fifteen years of experience as a courier, and worked with a software programming company to create the software package needed for couriers and each delivery van was provided with a laptop, installed with the proprietary software package.

In addition to giving couriers the best equipment to reach the desired goals of guaranteed, on-time deliveries, [Company Name] added products to delivery services to increase revenue and drive additional interest from customers and potential customers.
Various products, such as gifts, packaging and specialized services were offered to increase the high price/great value proposition package for potential customers. This effort added to the bottom line profitability of [Company Name] and demonstrated that this company was on the right track.

The growth of [Company Name] now calls for added resources to be included to, not only maintain growth, but to build upon this growth with additional services and products offered to the customers of [Company Name]. Plans for upgraded software programs, additional staff, increased van inventory, and leadership training position [Company Name] for long-term, sustained growth.

[Company Name]’s History

The history of [Company Name] began long before the company was formalized. As a courier for fifteen years, [Founder Name] could clearly see the results of courier services that weren’t delivered on time. Dissatisfied customers placed negative reviews on social media, implying that the courier delivery services “didn’t care about their customers and didn’t keep their promises.”

This industry reputation grew as courier delivery companies failed to deliver on-time packages. [Founder Name] realized there was room for change and innovation in this problem; he merely needed to find a solution and fix the status quo to start a company that would succeed.

Two years ago, after meeting [Founder Name], the two formed [Company Name] with the belief that a negative impression could be changed to a positive one if they applied the solutions needed to guarantee on-time courier deliveries. And, in two years, after a remarkable start-up and subsequent exponential growth period, [Company Name] is ready to grow again.

[Company Name]’s Products/Services

Services are customized according to the customer needs, including live pet deliveries, luxury jewelry, cash, stock certificates, or other specialized items. Potentially lethal items, such as firearms, are not included in courier delivery options; however, most other items are included per our clients’ requests.

While services are the main offering of [Company Name], we also offer various products that may be purchased to accompany courier deliveries. These may include floral arrangements, gourmet food items, holiday-themed decor, etc. Packaging items are also sold by [Company Name], including fabric-lined gift boxes, ribboned boxes, oversized envelopes, and respectfully-distinctive boxes for cremated remains.

Product sales are not the primary courier service; however, revenues indicate that the added-value sales of such items do increase the profit of each courier delivery, allowing [Company Name] to continue seeking the right mix of services and products to afford our clients the best courier services available.

The combined courier services and products offered by [Company Name] include:

  • On-time, guaranteed courier delivery services
  • Specialized deliveries, including pet deliveries, high-value jewelry, cash, stock certificates, and other forms of liquid assets
  • Added-value items with courier deliveries: floral arrangements, gourmet food items, holiday-themed decor, etc.
  • Packaging items are also sold by [Company Name], including fabric-lined gift boxes, ribboned boxes, oversized envelopes, and respectfully-distinctive boxes for cremated remains.
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