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Liquor Store Business Plan Template [2021 Updated]


IV. Customer Analysis

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Demographic Profile of Target Market

[Company Name]will serve the residents of [company location] and the immediately surrounding areas.

The area residents we serve are affluent and are expected spend more on beer and wine per capita than the national averages.

The precise demographics of the town in which our retail location resides is as follows:

Total Population426,835
Square Miles6.89
Population Density3,789.20
Population Male48.04%
Population Female51.96%
Target Population by Age
Age 18 to 2411.87%
Age 25 to 3414.70%
Age 35 to 4412.15%
Age 45 to 5413.54%
Age 55 to 6411.82%
Target Population by Income
Income $50,000 to $74,99911.16%
Income $75,000 to $99,99910.91%
Income $100,000 to $124,9999.07%
Income $125,000 to $149,9999.95%
Income $150,000 to $199,99912.20%
Income $200,000 andOver32.48%

Customer Segmentation

In the United States, there are a total of 313 million people with over 222 million of the total population over the age of 21 years. The major age demographic for consumers who purchase liquor is between the age of 21 and 30 years, followed by consumers aged 31 to 40 years. We will primarily target the following customer segments:


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