Photography Business Plan Template [Updated 2023]

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II. Company Overview

You can download the Photography business plan template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

Who is [Company Name]?

[Company Name], located at [insert location here] is a new, upscale photography business focusing on studio and location shoots for private and corporate still shots and portraiture.

[Company Name] was founded by [Founder’s Name]. While [Founder’s Name] has been in the photography business for some time, it was in [month, date] that he decided to launch [Company Name]. Specifically, during this time, [Founder] took a trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL. During his trip, [Founder’s Name] met with an old friend and fellow portrait studio owner who enjoyed tremendous success. After several discussions with this friend, [Founder’s Name] clearly understood that a similar business would enjoy significant success in his hometown.

Specifically the customer demographics and competitive situations in the Fort Lauderdale location and in [insert location here] were so similar that he knew it would work. Furthermore, after surveying the local population, this theory was proven.

[Company Name]’s History

Upon returning from Fort Lauderdale, surveying the local customer base, and finding a potential studio and office location, [Founder’s Name] incorporated [Company Name] as an S-Corporation on [date of incorporation].

[Founder’s Name] has selected an initial location and is currently undergoing due diligence on the property and the local market to assess whether it will be the most desirable location for the studio.

Since incorporation, the company has achieved the following milestones:

  • Developed the company’s name, logo and website located at www…
  • Created the list of services
  • Determined equipment requirements
  • Began recruiting a photography assistant with experience in the photographyindustry or talent as amateur photographer

[Company Name]’s Services

[Company Name]will offer a full list of portraiture and corporate photography services.

Below is [Company Name]’s initial list of services for private (non-business) customers:

  • Studio portraits of individuals and groups
  • Photo editing (black and white, color correction, airbrushing, special effects)
  • Framing (through a third-party framing vendor)
  • Prints
  • Custom albums
  • Custom note cards

Private packages include:

  • Summer mini-shoot
  • Pregnancy package
  • Holiday cards
  • Footsteps package (newborn photos)
  • Pet package

Corporate services include:

  • Location shots
  • Product photography
  • Executive and staff portraits and group shots
  • Operational candid photos (shots of business in operation, whether it is sales, manufacturing, customer service, retail)
  • Photo editing
  • Framing
  • Prints

Studio Design

[Company Name] will develop a 3,000 square foot studio and office space whose key elements will include the following:

  • Natural Light
  • Large Windows
  • Hardwood Floors
  • White Walls and Ceiling
  • Storage Room
  • Small Office Space
  • Restroom

Below please find an idea of the look of the space:


The facility location has five dedicated parking spots which should suffice for the two staff and three cars of clients at a time.

[Company Name] plans to have meet clients by appointment, seven days a week, from 8 AM to 6 PM.

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