Consulting Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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II. Company Overview

You can download the Consulting business plan template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

Who is [Company Name]?

[Company Name], located at [insert location here] is a new small business consulting firm providing a wide range of advisory services to small local businesses. The company will operate in a professional setting, conveniently located next to [notable bank] in the center of the business district. [Company Name] is headed by [Founder’s Name], an MBA Graduate from UCLA with 20 years of experience working as a business consultant, both for internal and external clients.

While [Founder’s Name] has been in the management consulting business for some time, it was in [month, year] that he decided to launch [Company Name]. Specifically, during this time, [Founder] met with a former friend and fellow independent small-business consultant in Fort Lauderdale, FL who has had tremendous success. After discussing the business at length, [Founder’s Name] clearly understood that a similar business would enjoy significant success in his hometown.

Specifically, the customer demographics and competitive situations in the Fort Lauderdale location and in his hometown were so similar that he knew the business would work. After surveying the local population, [Founder’s name] went ahead and founded [Company Name].

[Company Name]’s History

Upon returning from Fort Lauderdale, surveying the local customer base, and finding a potential office, [Founder’s Name] incorporated [Company Name] as an S-Corporation on [date of incorporation].

The business is currently being run out of [Founder’s Name] home office, but once the lease on [Company Name]’s office location is finalized, all operations will be run from there.

Since incorporation, the Company has achieved the following milestones:

  • Found office space and signed Letter of Intent to lease it
  • Developed the company’s name, logo and website located at [website]
  • Hired an interior designer for the decor and furniture layout
  • Developed service menu and pricing model
  • Recruited full-time assistant

[Company Name]’s Services

[Founder’s Name] will be able to provide clients with the following services:

  • One-on-one executive advisory sessions: Potentially open-ended sessions with [Founder’s Name] to answer specific questions ($100/hour)
  • Group advisory sessions: Meetings with up to 5 client staff members or managers at a time to discuss specific problems and answer specific questions ($100/hour)
  • Strategic Planning: Deliverables will be customized to the client’s needs, and may include discussion of valid alternatives, analysis of these alternatives, recommendation, justification for recommendation, implementation steps, timeline, budgets and financial projections (Project fee based on specific requirements – fee generally $5,000 – $20,000)
  • Fundraising Planning: Deliverables will be customized to client’s needs, and may include investor offer document, financial projections including analysis of return for investor, private placement memorandum. Process can include analysis of funding options, recommendations for funding course to seek, expediting of lender applications. (Project fee based on specific requirements – fee generally $3,000 – $15,000)
  • Webinars: Web-based seminars offering PowerPoint presentation and discussion of topics of specific interest to small business clients, such as “Hiring & Firing”, “Best Practices in Services”, “Exit Strategies for Owner-Operators”, and “Management Technology Tools for Small Businesses”. (Fee from free to $50 for 60- to 90-minute webinar)
  • Other Projects: Research, analysis, and consulting within [Company Name]’s expertise which does not fall into the above categories can be contracted as well. (Fees will vary)

As [Founder’s Name] understands, the key to a successful small business consulting is being accessible and staying in contact with clients and becoming a long-term partner, rather than just a one-time source of information. [Founder’s Name] will have a full-time assistant on hand who, among other things, will manage client’s phone calls and answer questions about ongoing projects as much as possible.

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