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Brewery Business Plan Template [2021 Updated]


III. Industry Analysis

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The Brewery industry is highly concentrated, with historically dominant operators controlling the majority of industry revenue and boasting significant profit. Over the past five years, the industry has experienced significant change, with the rise of craft breweries, wineries and distilleries. Smaller, regional operators experienced substantial growth, provoking a slew of new operators to enter the industry.

The industry is also seeing heightened competition. Over the past decade, the industry experienced a substantial rise in industry players, mostly craft breweries. As these breweries continue to expand over the next five years, competition is expected to increase, and historically dominant players will likely struggle to maintain their control of industry revenue. As a result, the development of brand names over the next five years will be critical to major players’ success, both in competition among brewers and against substitute products, such as wine and spirits. Such developments will benefit larger players that run more cost-effective promotional campaigns. At the same time, younger beer drinkers, aged 21 to 30, are expected to increasingly experiment with and seek out unusual brews, which will provide opportunities for craft breweries and microbreweries to expand their market reach.

As competition escalates between breweries and the craft beer boom continues to normalize, the number of new entrants is projected to slow. Still, the number of industry enterprises is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 9.4%.

Over the next five years, the industry is forecast to have steady growth. Operators are expected to experience increases in demand from their largest markets, particularly on-premise channels, such as restaurants, bars and event spaces. Moreover, smaller operators that rely on in-person transactions through in-house bars and tasting rooms are expected to see demand, as many people seek social drinking experiences.

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