Skin Care Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VI. Marketing Plan

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

The [Company Name] Brand

The [Company Name] brand will focus on the company’s unique value proposition:

  • Offering advanced organic-based products that are made using the purest ingredients
  • Offering a wide collection of products for men and women skincare
  • Offering sustainable packaging to help reduce the increasing burden on the environment
  • Providing excellent customer service

Promotions Strategy

[Company Name] expects its target market to be residents living within a 5-mile radius of the retail store. The Company’s promotions strategy to reach the audience includes:

Advertisements in print publications like newspapers, magazines, etc., are an excellent way for businesses to connect with their audience. The Company will advertise its products in popular magazines and news dailies. Obtaining relevant placements in industry magazines and journals will also help in increasing brand visibility.

Public Relations
[Company Name] will hire an experienced PR agency/professional(s) to formulate a compelling PR campaign to boost its brand visibility among the target audience. It will look to garner stories about the company and its offerings in various media outlets like newspapers, podcasts, television stations, radio shows, etc.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is one of the most cost-effective and practical marketing methods for improving brand visibility. The Company will use social media to develop engaging content that will increase audience awareness and loyalty. Engaging with prospective clients and business partners on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn will also help understand changing customer needs.

Special Offers
Offers and incentives are an excellent approach to assisting businesses in replenishing the churn in their customer base that they lose each year. The Company will introduce special offers to attract new consumers and encourage repeat purchases, which will be quite advantageous in the long run.

Campaign Marketing
Innovating creative briefs for branding, awareness, sales, and other marketing messages help generate a user’s interest in the brand. Well-structured marketing campaigns will be built, each of which will have one clear goal in mind. The goals of campaign marketing will vary from building brand awareness to increasing the number of members on the platform, growing social media following, or email subscriber list.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is one of the most important functions that any business can plan for attracting customers. Prices are a foundational element of a company’s revenues—if managed carefully, they can generate high profits. Alternatively, it can lead to massive losses if managed incorrectly because low pricing fails to cover costs effectively while excessively high prices dismantle sales volumes.

[Company Name] pricing will be moderate, so customers feel they receive great value while purchasing the product at the retail store. Pricing will be higher than two of its main competitors and on par with Caress Skin and Beauty.

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