Service Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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III. Industry Analysis

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The cleaning services industry is generally strongly correlated with the strength of the real estate market. However, last year, according to Freedonia, the commercial and residential contract cleaning services market was $48.4 billion in the US. Freedonia reports that the market will grow at 5.3 % annually for the next three years and that “gains will be driven by the shift toward “”do-it-for-me”” cleaning services in the residential market and by the outsourcing of noncore functions in the nonresidential market.”

This industry includes nonresidential interior building, residential interior, swimming pool, street and parking lot, exterior building, chimney, transportation equipment, window, and more. Within the residential interior segment, some providers specialize in areas such as carpets, kitchens, walls, and floors. Major competitors include Jani-King, COVERALL CLEANING CONCEPTS, ServiceMaster, JAN-PRO, ABM Industries, CleanNet USA, and Chem-Dry, although local markets are often dominated by small businesses.

Trends in the industry include the following:

  • Customer interest in companies that clean with all-natural or environmentally-friendly products only.
  • Customer interest in companies that clean with non-toxic products.
  • Market downturn leads to growth in residential customers hosting dinners and events at their homes to save money, leading to increase in cleaning services before and after such events.
  • Customer interest in expert advice as to how they clean and maintain their homes better.
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