Security Business Plan Template [Updated 2023]

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VI. Marketing Plan

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

The [Company Name] Brand

The [Company Name] brand will focus on the company’s unique value proposition:

  • Professional security services
  • Flexible contracts and a trial period
  • Excellent customer service

Promotions Strategy

[Company Name] expects its initial target market to be businesses within a 10-mile radius of its location. [Company Name]’s promotion strategy to reach these individuals includes:

Targeted Cold Calls
[Company Name] will initially invest significant time and energy into contacting potential clients via telephone. In order to improve the effectiveness of this phase of the marketing strategy, a highly-focused call list will be used, targeting startups and small businesses. As this is a very time-consuming process, it will primarily be used during the startup phase to build an initial client base.

[Company Name] understands that the best promotion comes from satisfied customers. The company will encourage its clients to refer other businesses by providing economic or financial incentives for every new client produced. This strategy will increase in effectiveness after the business has already been established.

Social Media
[Company Name] will invest heavily in a social media advertising campaign. The brand manager will create the company’s social media accounts and invest in ads on all social media platforms. It will use targeted marketing to appeal to the target demographics.

The company will place print advertisements in key local publications, including newspapers, area magazines, and business newsletters. Additionally, [Company Name] will print brochures and place them in specific locations frequented by target individuals, such as small business development centers.

[Company Name] will invest heavily in developing a professional website that displays all of the features and benefits of [Company Name]. It will also invest heavily in SEO so that the brand’s website will appear at the top of search engine results.

Direct Mail
[Company Name] will blanket businesses with direct mail pieces. These pieces will provide general information on [Company Name], offer discounts, and/or provide other incentives for companies to use our services.

Pricing Strategy

[Company Name]’s pricing will be on par with competitors so clients feel they receive great value when hiring our security services.

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