Recording Studio Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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III. Industry Analysis

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The Recording Studio industry has changed tremendously over the last five years.
Online streaming services have sparked a structural change in how media is consumed, distributed and recorded. Alongside new mediums for distribution, recent technological improvements in recording equipment have enabled musicians and artists to take more control over their content than ever before.

However, there is still value added to productions made in a professional studio due to the expertise provided by industry operators. As a result, the industry has still experienced steady growth over the past five years.

Moving forward, the industry will likely continue to provide valuable services to the music and media industries. This will likely lead to increased demand for industry operators’ services to help record and master new music.

The industry has significant outreach to clients beyond the music industry, proving very favorable to the industry. For example, movies, TV shows, commercials and audiobooks all require industry services. The diversity of the industry’s clientele ensures that demand will not likely diminish rapidly over time. Since the expertise provided by recording studios is not easily replicated, these other markets have continued to seek the industry’s services.

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