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Property Management Business Plan Template [2021 Updated]


III. Industry Analysis

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The Property Management industry is structurally resistant to economic downturns, primarily as a result of countercyclical demand trends. When the national economy struggles, the homeownership rate tends to decline as consumers and lenders remain cautious, creating demand for rental markets, and therefore, property management. During periods of economic prosperity, the residential market segment tends to weaken as homeownership becomes a more attainable goal and the need for management services slows. During economic upswings however, the expansion of commercial properties becomes more important to the industry.

While the US economy has expanded over the five years to 2020, the homeownership rate is expected to rise, albeit remaining relatively lower than the historical average. This has proved favorable for industry operators, as exhibited by a decline in rental vacancy rates over the past five years.

Over the next five years, the US homeownership rate is projected to decline increasing the need for residential property management services. Nonresidential property management is expected to drive most of the demand for industry operators. An increasing number of US businesses, coupled with expanding existing businesses, is expected to lead to continued commercial demand for industry services and contribute to greater industry revenue. Companies are also expected to expand services offered to increase demand from consumers and businesses, which will likely help guarantee a continuous stream of new revenue.

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