Non Medical Home Care Business Plan Template [Updated 2023]

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II. Company Overview

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Who is [Company Name]?

[Company Name] is a new non-medical home care business that serves the residents of [Location]. Our caregivers are fully licensed and trained to provide aging residents with essential day-to-day care that does not require medical assistance. Some of our services include preparing meals, cleaning, dressing and washing our customers, or running their errands. As individuals get older, it gets much harder to do these things without extra help. However, living in a nursing home is not an option for many people. Therefore, our caregivers can help these individuals with these tasks without them leaving their homes or losing their independence.

[Company Name]’s History

[Founder’s Name] has worked with thousands of elderly patients during her career as a nurse. She often found that many people did not need to live in an assisted care facility when they only needed help with basic day-to-day tasks. Instead, she found that these patients often enjoyed a higher quality of life when they received care from their homes. This revelation inspired her to start a business where she and other professionals could provide non-medical care to local elderly patients in the comfort of their homes. After conducting the research needed to establish the company, [Founder’s Name] incorporated [Company Name] as an S-corporation on [date of incorporation].

Since incorporation, [Company Name] has achieved the following milestones:

  • Found an office location and signed a Letter of Intent to lease it
  • Developed the logo and website for the company
  • Finalized list of services the company will be able to provide
  • Determined the office equipment and inventory requirements
  • Began recruiting key employees

[Company Name]’s Products/Services

[Company Name] will provide essential non-medical care and day-to-day assistance. Our licensed practitioners can help with basic care tasks, chores, and errands, or even just provide companionship. Below are some example tasks that our practitioners can help with:

  • Cooking food
  • Driving to appointments
  • Cleaning
  • Dressing and washing
  • Playing board games
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