Jewelry Business Plan Template [Updated 2023]

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VIII. Management Team

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Management Team Members

[Company Name] is led by [Founder’s Name], who has been in the jewelry business for xx years. While [Founder] has never run a jewelry store herself, she has extensive experience providing jewelry ideas. [Founder] graduated from the University of ABC, where she majored in Jewelry Designing. [Founder] has acquired in-depth skills in Jewelry designing in her internship programs and is well aware of all environmental regulations related to jewelry making.

Additionally, she worked in a jewelry shop alongside a professional, learning how to manage and run a jewelry business before starting [Company name]. [Founder] has personal relationships with highly professional designers and skilled artisans across the community.

Hiring Plan

[Founder] will serve as the jewelry designer. In order to launch the jewelry shop, the company will need to hire the following personnel:

  • Jewelry Designer [Number]
  • Accountant [Number]
  • Sales Executive [Number]
  • Assistant for helping with day-to-day operations [Number]
  • Customer Representative [Number]
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