Ice Cream Shop Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VIII. Management Team

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Management Team Members

[Company Name] is owned and operated by [Founder’s Name], a local accountant who has spent the last twenty years making fresh ice cream at her home as a hobby. Her children, husband, and family spent many years enjoying her delicious ice cream. Over the past year, through the constant urging of friends and family, [Founder’s Name] began providing her homemade ice cream at community social events and gatherings. Demand grew and it quickly translated into [Company Name] becoming a reality. While [Founder’s Name] has never operated an ice cream shop, her career as an accountant makes her adept at bookkeeping and accounting of a business.

[Founder’s Name] graduated from the University of ABC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Hiring Plan

[Founder’s Name] will serve as the store manager. She will hire the following personnel in order to maintain an effective and profitable ice cream shop:

  • Assistant store manager (will assist [Founder’s Name] with all operations functions and run the store when [Founder’s Name] is unable to be there)
  • Ice Cream Enthusiasts (3-4 part-time employees who will handle customer service requests such as taking orders, serving, and cash register).
  • Ice Cream Preparers (2 part-time employees will assist [Founder’s Name] with ice cream preparation every morning so that all ice cream offered is made and served fresh daily.They will also manage inventory of ingredients).
  • Store Janitors (1-2 will clean the store part-time to ensure the cleanliness of the store at all times).
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