Healthcare Business Plan Template [Updated 2023]

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I. Executive Summary

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Business Overview

[Company Name] is a family medical clinic located in [Location]. It started with the goal of providing easy access to good quality health service, especially to those members of the community with low to moderate income. We offer general and preventative health care for all ages in this area and the surrounding communities.

Our medical practitioners and supporting staff are well-trained and have a passion for helping improve the health and well-being of our clients. We serve our patients not just with our knowledge and skills but also with our hearts.

Products Served

[Company Name] will focus on providing primary care services to every member of the family from infants to adults. Our services range from gynecology, pediatrics, minor procedures, cardiology, and preventative health.

Customer Focus

[Company Name] will primarily serve the community within a 20 mile radius of our location. The demographics of these customers are as follows:

  • Families and residents of the area
  • Working individuals, including low-income workers
  • Business establishments near our location that offer health benefits to their employees

The [Company Name] focuses on giving the local community access to high quality medical services. In order to achieve this goal, [Company Name] will build relationships within the residential and business communities.

Management Team

[Company Name]’s most valuable asset is the expertise and experience of its founder, [full name]. [First name] has been a licensed family doctor for 20 years now. He spent the most recent portion of his career on medical mission trips where he learned that a lot of people are not privileged to have access to quality medical services. [Founder’s name] will be responsible for ensuring the general health of his patients and creating a viable and profitable business medical practice.

[Company name] will also employ nurses, expert medical staff, and administrative assistants that also have a passion for healthcare.

Success Factors

[Company Name] is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

People-Focused-It is a company that is focused on educating and taking care of its patients’ wellbeing. [Company Name] will educate patients on the importance of preventative care and yearly checkups, and it will Implement an aggressive and accurate follow-up system to remind patients about regular check-ups. This will help the company build a strong relationship with the community, earning their trust and loyalty.

Staff and Office Organization-[Company Name] recognizes that the office staff is as crucial, if not, more crucial than the physician(s) in the success of the business. It aims to employ detail-oriented staff and create a streamlined office system to minimize patients’ waiting time and maximise the clinic’s potential.

Financial Highlights

[Company Name] is seeking a total funding of $300,000 of debt capital to open its clinic. The capital will be used for funding capital expenditures and location build-out, acquiring basic medical supplies and equipment, hiring initial employees, marketing expenses and working capital.

Specifically, these funds will be used as follows:

  • Clinic design/build: $60,000
  • Medical Supplies and Equipments: $130,000
  • Working capital: $110,000 to pay for marketing, salaries, and lease costs until [Company Name] reaches break-even

Topline projections over the next years are as follows:

Financial SummaryYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Revenue$965,742 $1,878,611 $2,718,300 $3,477,900 $4,285,228
Total Expenses$390,241 $630,018 $931,935 $1,171,906 $1,429,992
EBITDA$575,501 $1,248,593 $1,786,365 $2,305,994 $2,855,237
Depreciation$8,720 $8,720 $8,720 $8,720 $8,720
EBIT$566,781 $1,239,873 $1,777,645 $2,297,274 $2,846,517
Interest$5,077 $4,442 $3,807 $3,173 $2,538
PreTax Income$561,705 $1,235,431 $1,773,838 $2,294,101 $2,843,978
Income Tax Expense$196,597 $432,401 $620,843 $802,935 $995,392
Net Income$365,108 $803,030 $1,152,995 $1,491,166 $1,848,586
Net Profit Margin38%43%42%43%43%

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