Dump Truck Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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I. Executive Summary

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Business Overview

[Company Name] is a registered dump trucking company based in [company location]. The Company will provide essential services by transporting large quantities of construction materials, machines, equipment, dirt, rocks, building materials, and sands, typically from manufacturing plants to construction sites and from construction sites to dump sites. The Company is committed to providing fast and cost-efficient transportation services to its clients.


[Company Name] strives to provide excellent service in assisting its customers. The following are the services that [Company Name] will provide:

  • Local and long-distance movement of construction materials, dirt, rocks, building materials, and sand
  • Heavy-duty equipment movement
  • Movement of oil and gas waste products

Customer Focus

[Company Name] will primarily serve manufacturers and distributors operating within a 100-mile radius of [Location], as well as local households. The demographics of these customers are as follows:

  • 150,000+ businesses and companies
  • 61,347 residents
  • Average household income of $87,100

Management Team

[Company Name]’s most valuable asset is the expertise and experience of its founder, [Founder’s Name]. [Founder’s Name] has a degree in Business Administration and also a Diploma in Transport and Logistics Management with well over 10 years of hands-on experience in the dump trucking industry.

Success Factors

[Company Name] is qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

  • The Company will have robust dump trucking operations with direct access to all dumping sites. The dump truck transportation network will cover some of the largest population centers and construction sites in the US.
  • In addition, the company has surveyed the target market and received extremely positive feedback saying that they explicitly want to make use of the dump trucking services when launched.
  • The management team has a track record of success in the dump trucking business.
  • The US has a robust business environment with a large number of businesses needing dump trucking services.

Financial Highlights

[Company Name] is seeking total funding of $140,000 of debt capital to open its dump trucking business. The capital will be used for funding capital expenditures and location build-out, hiring initial employees, marketing expenses, and working capital.Specifically, these funds will be used as follows:

  • Truck Purchase: $60,000
  • Facility design/build: $40,000
  • Working capital: $40,000 to pay for marketing, salaries, and lease costs until [Company Name] reaches break-even

Top line projections over the next five years are as follows:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Revenue$200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $500,000 $600,000
Total Expenses$176,390 $230,030 $250,431 $261,901 $273,920
EBITDA$23,610 $69,970 $149,569 $238,099 $326,080
EBIT$23,610 $69,970 $149,569 $238,099 $326,080
PreTax Income$23,610 $69,970 $149,569 $238,099 $326,080
Income Tax Expense$13,344 $19,409 $52,349 $83,334 $114,128
Net Income/Surplus$10,266 $50,561 $97,220 $154,764 $211,952

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