Donut Shop Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VI. Marketing Plan

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

The [Company Name] Brand

The [Company Name] brand will focus on the Company’s unique value proposition:

  • Offering unique, freshly made donuts in a variety of delicious flavors.
  • Located in a prime retail location in a highly trafficked part of town.
  • Offering the highest quality donuts at competitive prices.

Promotions Strategy

[Company Name] will target all residents of [company location] within a 20-30 mile radius. The Company’s promotions strategy to reach the most clientele include:

Public Relations
[Company Name] will contact the local media to request a media blitz of the new, up and coming local and unique donut shop. They will be featured in local newspapers and publications as well as local television stations.

Social Media
[Company Name] will be active on social media and use targeted social media advertising to attract its most likely customers. The company will post frequently of upcoming specials, events, and seasonal featured flavors.

[Company Name] will have an informative and attractive website that will feature professional photos of the shop, its donuts, store hours, address, and contact information. It will also use SEO to constantly stay at the top of search engines for anyone searching for donut shops near them.

[Company Name] will have a billboard in an area of town at a busy intersection where thousands of cars and pedestrians pass daily. The billboard will have an eye-catching picture of its donuts that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Partnership with Local University
[Company Name] will partner with the local university to advertise the donut shop around the campus, in its sports programs, and have a large printed advertisement in the basketball arena. There will also be large printed ads around the campus student union.

Partnerships with Local Businesses
[Company Name] will partner with neighboring local businesses and request they hand out coupons for the company at their place of business in exchange for discounts for their employees.

Pre-Opening Events
[Company Name] will organize a pre-opening event designed for prospective customers, local merchants, and press contacts. The event will be fun and inviting in order to create awareness for the company. Attendees will be able to sample the different flavors of donuts.

[Company Name] will invest in advertisements in featured local publications, such as community newspapers and newsletters.

Pricing Strategy

[Company Name]’s pricing will be moderate so customers feel they receive great value when purchasing its products.

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