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Coffee Shop Business Plan Template [2021 Updated]


III. Industry Analysis

You can download the Coffee Shop business plan template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.
[Company Name]directly or indirectly competes with all foodservice providers nearby our coffee shop that offer similar dining experiences. Competition will come from supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other retail establishments. Direct competition will come from companies offering brewed coffee and grab n’ go food products similar to [Company Name].

Industry Statistics& Trends

The following industry size facts and statistics bode well for [Company Name].

  • According to, there are over 108 million coffee consumers in the United States who spend an average of $164.71 per year on coffee.
  • 54% of the adult population in the United States drinks coffee daily.
  • An additional 25% of Americans drink coffee occasionally, but not daily. This represents a $9.2 billion retail industry.
  • Among coffee drinkers, coffee consumption in the US is 3.1 cups of coffee per day
  • Men drink 1.9 cups per day on average and women drink 1.4 cups per day on average
  • 17% of adult U.S. population consumes a gourmet beverage on a daily basis
  • Consumption of iced coffee has risen significantly in recent years
  • 61% of coffee drinkers believe coffee improves their mental acuity
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