Bookkeeping Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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III. Industry Analysis

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The United States Bookkeeping Industry is forecast to generate more than $60B this year. According to research reports, the largest bookkeeping firm in America generates approximately $9.5B annually. There are currently over 1.5M bookkeepers employed throughout the United States.

The top bookkeeping firms industry-wide are Automatic Data Processing (ADP) ($9.5B in annual revenue), Intuit ($7.8B in annual revenue), and Paychex ($4.0 in annual revenue). All other bookkeeping firms in the United States combined generate approximately $43.5B in annual revenue. An estimated 42% of industry revenue is generated through payroll services. Additional services such as billing, general accounting, tax preparation, and bookkeeping make up the remainder.

One of the biggest challenges for bookkeeping firms is the ability to keep up with changes in regulations. Additional hurdles include recruiting and retaining high quality employees, keeping up with evolving technology, and acquiring new clients.

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