Bed and Breakfast Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VIII. Management Team

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Management Team Members

[Company Name]is led by [Founder’s Name] who has been in the Bed and Breakfastindustry for 20 years.

While [Founder] has never developed a Bed and Breakfast from the ground up, he has worked in the Bed and Breakfast industry most recently as a general manager, and has held various different positions in the management chain over the last 20 years. As such [Founder] has in-depth knowledge of the Bed and Breakfast business including the operations side (e.g., running day-to-day operations) and the business management side (e.g., staffing, marketing, etc.).

[Founder] has also worked real estate consultant on a part-time basis over the past 10 years. Specifically, he has worked in contracting positions to help real estate developers with their Bed and Breakfast launch plans as well as their operations plans once the Bed and Breakfast has been launched.

[Founder] graduated from the University of ABC where he majored in Bed and Breakfast and Restaurant Management.

Hiring Plan

[Founder] will serve as the Bed and Breakfastpresident. In order to launch our Bed and Breakfast, we need to hire the following personnel:

  • Housekeeping staff (5 to start)
  • Bed and Breakfast Manager (will manage day to day operations of the Bed and Breakfast)
  • Assistant Manager (will manage Bed and Breakfast operations nights and weekends)
  • Service Staff (4 full-time to work check-in and guest services – allowing for at least 1 staff person to be on duty at all times)
  • Sales Staff (2 full-time) will target and book corporate clients in sleeping rooms and the meeting space
  • Legal, Bookkeeping, and other Administrative functions (3 staff)
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