Bakery Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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IV. Customer Analysis

You can download the Bakery business plan template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

[Company Name] will serve the residents of [company location] and the immediately surrounding areas as well as those who work in [company location].

The area we serve is affluent and has an affinity to healthy and organic foods and beverages like we will be offering.

We will primarily target the following four customer segments:

  1. Soccer/stay-at-home moms: the town has a large population of stay-at-home moms who are active in the school and community. These moms often meet for lunch or coffee and [Company name] will provide a perfect place for them to congregate. (We also expect mothers to take their children to [Company name] for after school and weekend snacks and meals.)
  2. Morning commuters: many local residents drive to neighboring towns or take the nearby train to work. [Company name] is conveniently located for these individuals to pick up coffee or a breakfast sandwich in the morning or pick up a sandwich in the evening.
  3.  Local office workers: approximately 5,000 individuals work in offices within a quarter mile of our location and we expect a fair portion of these individuals to frequent us during the morning and lunch hours.
  4. Students: there is a middle school and a high school in the town and the high school is within one half mile. Students from these schools will be targeted to frequent [Company Name].


Below is a breakdown of our four customer segments:



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