Art Gallery Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

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VI. Marketing Plan

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

The [Company Name] Brand

The [Company Name] brand will focus on the Company’s unique value proposition:

  • Offering high-quality, local and international art pieces from various artists
  • Creatively telling the “stories” of the artists and each featured artwork
  • Providing excellent customer service, from a hands-on sales team to delivery options

Promotions Strategy

[Company Name] expects its target market to be individuals living within the city as well as abroad. The Company’s promotions strategy to reach these individuals includes:

Direct Mail
[Company Name] will blanket neighborhoods surrounding its locations with direct mail pieces. These pieces will offer discounts and/or provide other inducements for people to visit the art gallery.

Public Relations
We will contact all local and area newspapers and television stations and send them a press release describing the opening and unique value proposition of [Company Name].

[Company Name] will initially advertise in local newspapers and sponsor community events in order to gain awareness.

Ongoing Customer Communications
[Company Name] will maintain a website and publish a monthly email newsletter to tell customers about new events, products, and more.

Pre-Opening Events
Before opening the art gallery, [Company Name] will organize pre-opening events designed for local merchants and press contacts to create buzz and awareness for [Company Name].

Pricing Strategy
[Company Name] pricing will be appropriate for the high quality and level of service associated with the art gallery.

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